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From time to time I get the opportunity to sit down and talk about some of the adventures and expeditions I have been on. Here is an updated list of the Podcasts i've been involved with and ones that I have listened to that blew me away. Enjoy!

Rab - The Mountain People Podcast A really enjoyable 44 minutes chatting to Andy Cave about Kanchenjunga, leading expeditions at 8000m, getting teams to bond, how integral the Sherpas are and loads more.

Outdoor Gear Chat - 8000m Peaks An insight into life at 8000m, how to be successful with the kit that matters - sporks, pillows, deodorant, down suits...

Whilst climbing together in the south of France we sit down and chew the fat on my passion for all things expedition and big mountains with a few epic stories along the way.

A nice chat with Dan from the Further Podcast about life on the road, the search for balance in life, choices of risks, training and summits.


The following Podcasts blew me away, made me cry or changed my life in some way. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. If you have any mind blowing recommendation please let me know!

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