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Rock Climber Powdering Hands


A rock rlimbing instructor for all levels


Track Record of Success

Kenton is an engaging motivational speaker, who delivers popular keynote speeches on all aspects of his many accomplishments in the outdoors. He relates with great vividness and emotion the experience of summiting some of the world’s highest mountains.
His motivational presentations are energetic, entertaining, inspiring and humorous, focusing on themes of team-building and leadership. There is a serious aspect too, as Kenton relates with great intimacy some of the most adverse situations he’s encountered and the personal fears he’s had to overcome across many successful summits of Everest and further afield. Each presentation is complemented by an impressive array of stunning photographs and video, taken from expeditions right across Kenton’s time in the Greater Ranges.

"Incredible presentation of a great story. Very good example of planning and teamwork to achieve something that is nearly impossible"

"Came across genuine and was well delivered with plenty of analogies to draw into the business world." 

PI PLMx London 2019

"He cleverly packaged his incredible achievements into a form which was engaging, funny and exciting. Parents and children alike were able to walk away with his idea of a toolbox which can be used for life’s ambitions - an innovative idea for everyone’s dreams!"

Juliet Kemp - St Neots Preparatory School

"Perfectly pitched, awe inspiring presentation, delivered with a calm confidence - very well received by the audience"

Paul Fosh - Managing Director PF Auctions

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